The House of Representatives Resolve to Conduct an Investigation into the Deaths of 26 Young Nigerian Women on the Mediterranean.

The members of the House of Representatives at plenary on Thursday, November, 2017, have called on the Federal Government to interface with the Lybian Government with a view to unravelling the circumstances that led to the death of not less than 26 female Nigerians who were recently found floating on the Mediterranean sea. 

The matter was brought to the fore on the floor of the legislative chamber via a motion bordering on matters of urgent public importance, moved by Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila. He stated that the incident has been widely reported by both local and international media. It was however gathered that the said floating dead bodies on the sea were female Nigerians who allegedly were among about 70 passengers on a boat.
Furthermore, the Lawmaker informed that there are speculations that the girls with age range of 12 – 27 could have been victims of human trafficking, or mass murder. Hon. Gbajabiamila expressed concern that since the report of this unfortunate incident, there has been unusual silence by the international community, “not even one country has called to extend its condolence to Nigeria”, he stated. 

He tasked the Committees on Human Right and Foreign Affairs to engage the Foreign Affairs Ministry on demanding explanation on the sudden and strange death of these young Nigerians.
Lending voice to the motion, Hon. Beni Lar condemned the unfortunate incident and blamed it on the nefarious activities of human traffickers; stating that human trafficking has cost Nigeria millions of money and lives, especially the females. She further solicit proper funding of NAPTIP to enable the agency tackle the menace of trafficking in person. 

Hon. Alexandra Adekola added that harsh economic environment and heightened rate of unemployment have led to mass migration of youths to other countries for “greener pasture”.

  • 2017-11-09 06:17:41