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The Green Chamber on Monday, February 26, 2024 said it will address the pitfalls that led to the failure of past Constitution Amendments in the country by working closely with the Executive at the State and Federal levels. The House promised to ensure that the current process of amending the Nigerian Constitution does not suffer the faith of previous exercises.

The assertion was made by the Speaker of House of Representatives, Rt. Hon Abbas Tajudeen while inaugurating the Sixth Special Committee on the Review of 1999 Constitution, held at Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja. The Speaker acknowledged the pivotal role of the Executive in the Constitution Review process, stressing that the Chamber was ready to carry the State Houses of Assembly in the process.

Hon. Tajudeen reveal that the current process will be deeply rooted in engaging Nigerians at all levels. He added that the partnership with the Executive stems from the pivotal role it plays in governance, practical implementation of the processes and the involvement of State Houses of Assembly to foster consensus and expedite adoption by the State Assemblies.

Speaker Tajudeen disclosed that the Committee intends to harness inputs of all Nigerians at the Senatorial District levels through open forums, public consultations and digital platforms, ensuring that their voice is heard and considered. He added that the process is both costly and laden with contentious issues which benefits far outweigh the challenges.

This is an opportunity to address the pressing issues that have emerged in the nation’s polity and close gaps in our legal system as well as strengthen the foundation of Nigeria’s democracy, according to the Speaker.


 The Presiding Officer, equally stated that the inauguration of the Committee is not just a ritual but a reflection of the collective resolve to ensure that the foundational document of the nation’s democracy evolve to meet the aspiration of all Nigerians. He stressed that the House is already working on a Constitution Alteration Procedure Bill that will provide a framework and timeline for the passage of Constitution Alteration Bills by the National Assembly and its adoption by the State Houses of Assembly.

Membership of the Committee is drawn the 36 States of the Federation with each having a member, Principal Officers of the Green Chamber, House Zonal Caucus Leaders and Six Representatives of Women to be chosen from each geo-political zone of the country as well as Persons with Disability who will be co-opted into the Secretariat of the Committee.

The House of Representatives Speaker noted that Nigeria has witnessed significant milestones and challenges alike, through each phase, the nation’s democracy has been tested and is being challenged. Yet, even after 25 years, it stands resilient, reinforced by our belief in the Principles of Freedom, Equity and Justice for all.

Nevertheless, the 1999 Constitution, as the supreme laws of the land, has been the ground norm for the country’s democracy for over two decades. Like any great edifice, it requires periodic assessment and renovation to ensure it meets the changing needs and aspirations of Nigerians, the Speaker asserted.

Hon. Tajudeen challenged the Sixth Constitution Review Committee to be the most comprehensive in its assignment, stating that the House of Representatives Agenda is ambitious in its scope and encompasses wide range of issues pivotal to our national growth.

He added that the area of emphasis will include will include devolution of powers, including State Police, fiscal federalism, through local government autonomy, decongesting the exclusive legislative list, constitutional roles for traditional institutions and promoting inclusivity particularly in greater equity and women representation into appointive and elective positions.


Other areas include comprehensive electoral reforms to address gaps identified in the 2023 general elections, strengthen enforceability of legislative instruments and the strengthening of greater institutional accountability.

Responding on behalf of the Committee members, the Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, who also equal as the Chairman of the House Committee on the Review of the 1999 Constitution, Hon. Benjamin Kalu expressed appreciation over the confidence reposed on them. He promised to deliver on time adding that the new Nigerian Constitution will be ready within the next 24 months.




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